Back To The Studio…

As I write this blog, the fifth most popular news story on the BBC website is “Lily Allen changes her surname”

This story is more popular than news of possible mass strikes in the public sector, or those two morons who were plotting to kill Joss Stone.

So, what newsworthy turn of events led to the surname change?

An open letter to an unknown party…

Dear disease-ridden penis boil. Today, the crippled putz (or Host Body) had to drag himself into Taunton Job Centre to sit down and talk to a lovely woman about this website and his merchandising income. This was not, as he had been given to understand, a routine appointment. No, they Continue Reading

Laugh? I nearly started…

Not everyone is funny.

Let’s just lay that out, right now.

I know everyone THINKS they have a great sense of humour, but the truth is that some people are about as chucklesome as invasive bowel surgery.

My question is, why do I always meet these comedy-sapping morons whenever I leave the house?