The World According To Al Vimh

…I am losing my patience…



My name is Jamie McLellan, creator of Al Vimh.
Al Vimh or Angry Little Voice In My Head is a creature born of accident, a doodle, who evolved into the acerbic, slightly disturbing and hopefully amusing character we see today.
His very good friend, Bob Awesome, is another character who arrived seemingly from nothing, during a conversation between myself and a friend.
These two fellows are going to have an awful lot to say for themselves from here on in.
I hope you’ll enjoy the random nature of there conversations and will visit often.
That’s about the last you’re going to hear from me, it’s rare that Al let’s me get a word in edgeways, in fact, I think he’s got something to add…

Hello internet peeps, Al here

Jamie’s bit is done, it’s all about me from here on in, if you’re easily offended I recommend you back the hell out slowly with no sudden movements.
If you’re not squeamish and you enjoy a good laugh, often at the expense of others, stick around.
Oh, and lest we forget, Bob Awesome is going to be around too, now that guy really is awesome.

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