Picture the scene…

BBC Question Time Headquarters, just one hour until air time.

You’ve rang every politician, pundit and person of note that you can think of but everyone has prior engagements of some form.

Roland the Rat couldn’t make it, Basil Brush has a speaking engagement at a Conservative party dinner, what the hell are you going to do?

In a last, desperate search of Google, you stumble across this:


The name sounds vaguely familiar, so you take a look.


It’s that woman that was on that Lord Sugar program that time.

You can’t remember her, you don’t know if she’s so much as half a brain in her head but by Floaty Beard, surely she’s available? SHE IS!

Having filled the fourth slot, you sit back to watch the evening unfold.

An hour later, you’re already packing up your stuff before the p45 has been printed…

Katie Hopkins, ladies and gentlemen, who actually said:

“Women don’t want equality, they want special treatment”

This from an alleged woman? Disgraceful…

In hope of finding some redeeming quality in this woman, I decided to read her blog.

The first article I hit upon was:

“10 Things To Love About Lady Thatcher”

I’m not going to attack the woman for loving Thatcher, i’m going to allow her an opinion.

A privilege i’m tempted to revoke having seen her reasons, especially Number 5, “The Handbag”

“We knew Thatcher was real because she carried things about. In a handbag. We like that. And she looked like she might wield it in anger if required. And we liked that even more.”

I’ve seen Paris Hilton carrying a handbag Katie, but i’m damn sure I don’t want her running the country.

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  1. Let’s face it, Paris Hilton could hardly do worse than anyone else. At least under her Valet parking would be available on the NHS.

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