565 Words Of Despair

…as no-one on Facebook is willing to talk about anything else, I decided to piece together the plot from assorted statuses so I could join the conversation. So here’s what happens in “50 Shades Of Grey”. Possibly.

We're all the same apparently.

According to certain religions (and we won’t be going into this too heavily because quite frankly religion angers me) man was created first and then the Big Beard in the Sky knocked up woman out of spare parts ’cause we were lonely. One would assume that, had Adam not have Continue Reading

Snow Day

Over the past few days I found myself become increasingly irritated by the mass of posts to Facebook and Twitter, all saying essentially the same thing. “OMG IS IT SNOWING WHERE YOU ARE, WHEN’S THE SNOW COMING? SNOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! OMG LOL ROFL” Sweet, weeping Jesus people! Ok, so meteorology is just Continue Reading