Think F.A.S.T!

So, has anyone seen the advert on the tv which tells you what to do when someone is having a stroke? They advise you of the symptoms to be wary of and give you some very helpful advice. Of course, you’d like to think someone would call an ambulance for Continue Reading

My turn…

Jamie has been invited out for a few drinks tonight. The minute those magic words were uttered, I stepped up. Tonight, Al Vimh is in charge of Jamie’s body. Look out world, your ass is grass… p.s. Drink sensibly folks 🙂

Yo ho?

As I am, sadly, a voice in Jamie’s head, I am damned to travel wherever he does. Today, he went to Tesco’s, a terrifying prospect at the best of times. As we barged through the pre-Christmas shopping crowds, elbowing some blue-haired old biddy’s who were ooohing over the Werther’s Original Continue Reading