As a special treat for the festive season, Jamie and friends took themselves, and therefore me, off on a mini adventure looking for humorous place names in Dorset.
The first visit was to the aptly named Shitterton.
Now, personally, if I lived in Shitterton, I would try to draw as little attention to it as possible, I would most definitely not choose Shitterton Farm House, Shitterton as my adress.
I did however appreciate the person who had tried to soften the blow, realising that Shitterton was not the best address to have, they went with 13 Pooh Corner for the house number and name, definitely distracting you somewhat from the name of the hamlet.
We took a short jaunt round the corner to Butt Lane, immature but amusing, before jetting off to the delightfully named Piddlehinton.
Now, I didn’t think it could get any better than this but we soon found ourselves at…wait for it…Cocklands.
No, not a nightclub in Brighton, Cocklands is a street name somewhere in Dorset.
I’d love to give you directions, but we just taking random turns at this point and i’ve not the first clue where we were.
So there you have it folks, when you’d had enough of I’m A Big Celebrity Brother Of A Pop Factor Idol and your significant other is causing that delightful “I just want to beat you with a shovel” feeling in the pit of your stomach, just hop in the car and head to Shitterton.
You will feel infinitely cheered.

P.S – If anyone is visiting this site having found one of the many cards we posted on village noticeboards throughout Dorset today, many thanks for coming along to hear me ripping into the name of your happy home village, why not drop us a very likely to be abusive comment.

P.P.S – Just in case anyone doubts that the existence of the humorously named villages and streets above, more pictures to follow shortly, guaranteed edit free.

Al Vimh's visit to Shitterton
Al Vimh’s visit to Shitterton