Share A Coke With…Reluctance (UPDATED)

I bought a bottle of Coke from the local shop. It said “Share A Coke With…Bethany”. I don’t know anyone called Bethany! I ran around the streets for three hours, grabbing passing women and screaming “ARE YOU BETHANY? I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!” into their faces.

Get points, trade points, wait…

I could understand the delay if, for example, I lived at an Arctic science station, at the heart of the Amazon rainforest or in space.
In actual fact, I live in a fairly easy to locate village in the United Kingdom, hell, I gave you the address.

Christmas decorations

Overly commercial? Pfft…

It’s time for number nine on my countdown, “10 Things I Hate About Yule” and it’s a doozy. 9. Christmas Adverts Ok, the Coca Cola advert IS Christmas, I will accept that (despite the fact that i’m always secretly hoping that the truck will skid off the road and take Continue Reading