I’m free. Free!

Well hello there, bet you thought i’d forgotten about you huh? Over the Christmas holidays, I found myself snowed in with family, in the village which broadband forgot. Seriously, if you’re going to go and stay with family members when snow is on the cards, pick a relative born post Continue Reading

No, Diego, No.

It’s time for number 7 on our “10 Things I Hate About Yule” countdown, Children’s Christmas television. Just this morning, I have heard every Christmas song ever written, most of which were sung by that dancing douche of a dinosaur, Barney. The Barney Christmas episode is a crime against humanity, Continue Reading

I’m buying a dog.

Bringing you number 8 on my “10 Things I Hate About Yule” countdown (soon to be a three hour E4 special hosted by Jimmy Carr.) 8. Christmas Cards I awoke this morning to a terrifying sound, the sound of letters falling from my letterbox, to the doormat. This would be Continue Reading

Christmas decorations

Overly commercial? Pfft…

It’s time for number nine on my countdown, “10 Things I Hate About Yule” and it’s a doozy. 9. Christmas Adverts Ok, the Coca Cola advert IS Christmas, I will accept that (despite the fact that i’m always secretly hoping that the truck will skid off the road and take Continue Reading

Bad Santa

Noel? Oh hell…

You’ll be amazed to hear that I love Christmas. Honestly. Good food, gifts, people generally being nicer to each other, what’s not to like? Well, plenty, as it happens. You see, I love the idea of Christmas but find that, often times, the reality fails to match up to the Continue Reading