How I love to loathe Nadine…

Today, I sent the following e-mail to Nadine Dorries:

Dear Nadine

I am curious, do you actually believe any of the drivel which you spout or are you doing this for some kind of bet?

Your comments on The Vanessa Show would suggest that, in your eyes, there are girls who invite abuse because they don’t say no.

How many times do you think rapists and abusers hear the words “No”, “Please no”, “Stop”, “Don’t do this” and yet they seem to continue, don’t they?

Yours Angrily,

Al Vimh

I’m really looking forward to my response…


Read this drivel.

When you’ve stopped screaming at your monitor, answer me one question.

Is it too late to have Nadine Dorries aborted?

Yeah? Damn it.

Well something needs to be done, because I can picture sex-ed under Dorries rule…

“Now, girls, boys are bad and will definitely try to force you into sex”

“But miss, my boyfriend and I are waiting and…”

“SILENCE WHORE! As I was saying, boys WILL demand sex, but you can, no you must say no!”

“Miss, I want to have sex with my boyfriend, we feel we’re ready and we’re both 16”

“Feelings? FEELINGS?! You’re 16, you don’t know real emotion from a hole in the ground, you brazen hussy!”

“Well miss, shouldn’t you teach us what to do if we DO decide to have sex?”

“Heavens no child, no sex for you! No, let me show you how to lock your chastity belts”

She doesn’t give two hoots what you teach boys about sex, positions, methods of seduction, good places to pick up hookers, knock your socks off.


Perhaps i’m missing something, but that’s what i’m seeing here, that the male of the species is apparently little more than a walking penis, incapable of logical thought in the presence of the all important vagina.

No, Nadine, no.

Host body lost his virginity at 18, he was in a relationship, both parties were ready and they had consensual, reasonably enjoyable and only slightly awkward sex.

He didn’t force her at gunpoint, he didn’t jump her the moment she agreed to meet for drinks and he most definitely was not reduced to a salivating cock-on-legs at the sight of her.

Dorries, i’m going to leave aside the hypocrisy of hearing a husband-stealing harpy preaching about abstinence, won’t mention it once.

No, the fact that you’re on your back at the merest mention of member has absolutely nothing to do with this issue and as such, I shall refrain from including it in this blog.

Hmm, something…nah, that’s probably fine.

But I cannot and will not remain silent about the incredible stupidity of your proposed bill.

Teach children sex-education, make them aware of the risks of sex, make them aware also that it can and should be a wonderful act to be shared when the time is right.

Educate BOTH SEXES about the importance of being ready and not succumbing to pressure from partner or peers.

But turn sex into the proverbially forbidden fruit and then teach girls that men are going to badger them until they take a bite?