Today, I sent the following e-mail to Nadine Dorries:

Dear Nadine

I am curious, do you actually believe any of the drivel which you spout or are you doing this for some kind of bet?

Your comments on The Vanessa Show would suggest that, in your eyes, there are girls who invite abuse because they don’t say no.

How many times do you think rapists and abusers hear the words “No”, “Please no”, “Stop”, “Don’t do this” and yet they seem to continue, don’t they?

Yours Angrily,

Al Vimh

I’m really looking forward to my response…

One thought on “How I love to loathe Nadine…”

  1. Dear Al
    your words are often mine… oh if only you were human!!! 🙂 keep it coming!!!
    Tigerfly x

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