Pic For Chelle

Did you ever see the thing I drew for Marital Unit? Toothless and Baymax and whatnot? Here’s a pic…


I’m quite proud of that, plus it got me thinking.
If you’ve read 12 Days Of Nonsense and Taking Steps (and if you haven’t, shame on you) then you’ll know that i’m raising money for Steps, a very fine charity.

So, here’s the deal. If you donate to my JustGiving page for Steps, you can pick any cartoon or comic type character (because I can’t draw anything else) and i’ll add it to a big mish-mash-mural type image.

Then, when we hit…I don’t know…£500? Yeah. When we hit the first £500, i’ll pick a random sponsor from a hat and they’ll win the picture.

It’s easy. Drop me a quid or two and then hit me up on Twitter, by email, on Facebook, by phone or whatever other method works.  Pick your character and bob’s your mother’s brother!