What ho, Vimhlings.

From 7pm on 21st June 2012, until 7pm the following day, I shall be tweeting my bleeding socks off in aid of the Twitter Joke Trial Fund. If you don’t know what it’s all about, head over to the Trial Fund blog and educate yourselves.

This is a truly worthy cause, as the genuinely lovely @pauljchambers, is being dragged through our legal system because of a joke he made on Twitter. It is, to use an old established legal term, bullshitem absolutantum. So, we’re endeavouring to raise monies to pay for his not inconsiderable legal fees.

What will I be doing? Well I shall be Tweeting. Tweeting non-stop for 24 hours, giving folks a fascinating insight into a day in the life of Al Vimh. I’ll be tweeting as I work on the Gears Of War 3 campaign with friends, tweeting as I doodle Al Vimh type doodles, i’ll even tweet during sessions of furious mastur…i’ll tweet a lot, is what i’m saying.

What will you be doing? You’ll be donating to help the cause, won’t you? Of course you will. Paypal donations are to be sent to twitterjoketrialfund@gmail.com with the subject line “All Day Al Vimh”. There’s a handy dandy donate button on the fund blog too.

Folks, look at some of the crazy crap that I post on Twitter. If Paul can be dragged through the courts for one single joke, they’ll probably bring back hanging for me. Let’s help the guy out and see justice done, shall we?