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Well, here we are, 2010, wahoo and such.

Ok, i’m a cynic and fully expect it to be a case of same fecal matter different year but nevertheless we, by which I mean some, live in hope.

There is one New Year’s tradition that I am definitely maintaining, and that’s the idea of resolutions, although mine read more like a to do list for the year as opposed to the usual “lose weight”, “get fit”, “beat my addiction to sugar cubes”.
So here are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Kill Simon Cowell:

I’m sorry Simon, it’s nothing personal as such, but if I have to sit through another God-awful talent show instigated by your high trouser wearing self I may actually become so filled with rage that I melt.
I would, if possible, like to avoid that.
It’s you or me Cowell, I figure I could make a case for self defense.

2. Bury Simon Cowell

Well sounds like i’ve a busy year ahead of me so why waste time, i’m off to put an edge on the silverware.

Fare thee well netheads.

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