Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll be well aware that the Pope has blessed our nation with his presence.
I wish I lived under a rock…

Believe it or not, I am not an intolerant figment of the imagination, I believe that everyone has the right to follow whichever faith they so choose.
I also believe that faith can be a great comfort during times of hardship and a guiding light for those in need of direction.
Disclaimers aside, I couldn’t give the sweat from a goat’s anus about the Pope’s visit.

I’m sure many Catholics will be overjoyed at the opportunity to lay eyes on their Supreme Figurehead but leave me well enough

You see, the Holy C (guess what the C stands for?) is not a big fan of same sex marriage, not overly keen on the ordination of women, can’t quite get behind the idea of birth control, but does love a bit of Hitler.
We are talking about a man in a dress that looks suspiciously like a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who’s visit has cost the UK
taxpayer £12m, for the love of the deity of your choice!

Now i’m hearing that the Pope is leading an assembly of nearly 4000 children, but considering the church’s recent abuse scandal, the question really is where’s he leading them?
Personally, were I the PR guy behind this trip, I might have avoided the “Pied Pope” look and opted for something more wholesome, perhaps he could offer children sweets from his seat in the PopeMobile, no, wait…

Whatever your opinion of the Vatican’s Chief Wizard, the amount this is costing the average taxpayer is ludicrous, surely we can all agree on that?
Well, I say all, all of us who’re not hypnotised by the big hat.

One thought on “He's here…”

  1. What gets me is that the news channels/programmes spending sooooo much time just showing his plane landing etc that I suspect the old gov and every little evil git will be sending out other horrible nonsense in the vain hope we won’t actually take any notice as we are so godsmacked by his (in)ellegance. Also there is so much security around him, it won’t be long before some visiting dignatary will require the whole of London to be evacuated because he/she’s so fantastic and important. Damn my piss has boiled over again.

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