So very tired…

If I seem a little short today, it’s because i’m standing in a ditch.
Sorry, so sorry.
I would never normally make such a terrible joke but the sleep deprivation has quite addled me.

Why so tired, I hear you ask?
I will tell you…

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Read With Al – Rapunzel

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? I don’t care, get the hell out of my chair. Now, I shall begin… Once upon a time, back when people were particularly stupid, there lived a young couple. The woman (they never bothered to name her because she doesn’t feature in story for long) […]

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21st Century Dodo’s

Why do I smell chlorofo-*thud* — This is not Al Vimh. Sorry to disappoint. He’s allowed me to pop in today in a sordid attempt to persuade some of you to buy my new book, 21st Century Dodos. It is a collection of eulogies to extinct and endangered inanimate objects, […]

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