Places to go

Sickness And Silliness

5:00 AM. I awake to the sound of a crying child, staggering across the landing. Child Unit 2 is awake and feeling a little sorry for himself, hurrying to the toilet to, how can I put it delicately? Puke his tiny guts up. Having spoken to god on the great Continue Reading

Just shut up and fill this with coffee

D . I . Why?

Any DIY job is a lot like a one-night stand.

You start out so full of hope but it generally turns out to be an ultimately unsatisfying affair and you’re left with a horrible mess which is NOT what you had in mind when you began.

No, Diego, No.

It’s time for number 7 on our “10 Things I Hate About Yule” countdown, Children’s Christmas television. Just this morning, I have heard every Christmas song ever written, most of which were sung by that dancing douche of a dinosaur, Barney. The Barney Christmas episode is a crime against humanity, Continue Reading