Loyal followers, I have an apology to make.

I have, in past Tweets and blog entries, berated someone who I have now come to admire.

Justin Bieber, I am sorry.

I have made comments about your chipmunk-on-helium voice, your legions of devoted, demented fans and your generally irritating demeanour.

Well, no more.

Henceforth, I pledge to say only nice things about the Bieb, my personal, musical hero.

UPDATED : Later on April Fools Day…

Well, I doubt anyone believed the apology above, but just in case…

Justin Bieber is a squeaky voiced gimp midget, who should be silenced with extreme prejudice.

I would sooner face an army of the undead than spend one second in the company of his legion of demented fans, the so-called “Beliebers”

Apologise? Bieber, thou shall feel my wrath!

Did I push it with the thou bit? Feels like I was pushing it. Hmm…

One thought on “An apology? Not likely…”

  1. You were not pushing it with ‘thou’ but I would have used ‘shalt’ after it for full effect. ‘thou’ is the impolite diminutive of ‘you’ and for both of those adjectives it looks right on!

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