Given the attention which it has received on Twitter this morning, i’ll be amazed if any of you have yet to see Liz Jones’ (Daily Mail “journalist” extraordinaire) “recreation” of Joanna Yeates final moments.

Just in case you haven’t read it, I urge you to take an anti-nausea pill and then head to HERE
I’m sorry to have done that to you, but what follows would make little sense without it.

Never have I read such a hideous piece of tripe and this is coming from a man who has read one of Katie Price’s seventy three autobiographies (I lost
a bet, do not judge me)

It seems that Jones believes the real tragedy here is the “dreary” life that Joanna led, not the manner in which it ended.

“The bar is OK but ordinary. The wine list, chalked on a board, says ‘Lauren Perrier’.
I wish she had spent what were probably her last hours on earth somewhere lovelier.”

That’s the ticket Liz, let’s not dwell on that nasty, murder business, let’s dig into the real heart of the issue, the poor choice of vino at the local watering hole.

I would love to read Liz Jones reporting on other great tragedies from history:

“What? What happened? I was shopping. Isn’t this coat divine?” Liz Jones on 9/11

“As I float downstream on the corpse of a local woman, I can only hope that my iPhone dries out” Liz Jones on the current Australian floods

“And here’s me without a marshmallow.” Liz Jones on the Great Fire of London

“When living in such terrible conditions, one can only assume that death comes as a release. And that is why I don’t support charity” Liz Jones on the plight of third world nations.

I look forward to her next article with great anticipation and a bottle of sleeping pills.